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Hi all. Went to the pulmonologist last week with coughing, phlegm, etc. that has been an ongoing issue since September. We figured one of my part-time jobs (old building, possible mold, 2 smokers) could be the trigger since I have had asthma very mildly for 10 years with no HUGE problems until this year. He took me off of everything GP put me on and said just to use the Singular, albuteral inhaler when needed and prednisone and this should (hopefully) do the trick. He'll see me on January 8 to begin pulmonary function tests to see what meds I should be on to maintain. My question is, as it's only been a week, I take 4 prednisone per day and find very little (but some) relief from where I was a week ago. I still have a very deep, congested cough with no infection (as phlegm is white), but...gee...what if the prednisone doesn't make it any better than this....could there be any other condition? I had two chest x-rays at the heart of my illness, and he said they were clear. Since I had had prednisone before a month or so ago, but not in such large doses, and it had done about what it is doing now...he said that that "bothered" him, that the steroid didn't clear up the problem quicker--so now he upped the dose for a longer period of time until we can get me "even"...anyway, once again, what may be my options here? Is he just thinking asthma or is there something else he could be considering and not saying? Thanks all and a Merry Christmas to you!~
The prednisone should kick in soon. I was on it for a few months one time due to pneoumonia and it took a while.

I hear you about being sick. I've been sick for three solid months now. It keeps coming and going, but I'm still coughing. Not as bad as what you described, but still a lingering cough. I've taken three rounds of antibiotics and was on prednisone for 2 weeks. At one point I had no voice for 3 weeks and I still don't have my full vocal range. My dr said I caught some kind of virus and I'm just supposed to wait it out.

What your dr is doing sounds good though. You would hate to be over medicated if you don't need it. Every year or so, my dr switches around my medicine cocktail (I call it that, because there's so many of them!). Plus there always seems to be something new out there.

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