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[QUOTE=Nicole-Brittany]I was wondering if you thought ventolin (with a spacer) would be better than briconyl (turbuhaler). I am a very athletic person, but my asthma is triggered by excercize (and other things).I feel that I am not getting the briconyl into my lungs, and when i tried a flovent disk, I could feel it in my mouth. What would you suggest?[/QUOTE]

Spacers help a lot, period. I think so anyway. It took me a while to adjust to the Advair diskus(same as the flovent) and finally now i'm not getting the powder in my mouth..although when i'm not breathing too well the powder gets itno my mouth.
My favorite for REALLY getting the medicine into your lungs pre-exercise is Xopenex..although it can make you really nervous if you take it with albuterol.

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