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Hello! I posted my first message (about Iowans) about a half hour ago, then read a lot of the back-posts. This looks to be a very interesting and informative message board.

I am particularly interested in asthma in children. I have asthma (adult onset - very much under control), but as an adult I can recognize symtpoms and seek proper treatment. In other words, I know what's good for me!

My son has asthma. He was diagnosed at 8 months of age. He was wheezing so bad that I thought he had swallowed something and it was stuck in his throat. We started with liquid albuterol, then went to Intal Cromylon (for maintainence) and albuterol (as a rescue treatment) in a nebulizer. Back then we were doing 4-6 treatments a day (at a minimum).

He is now 6 (will be 7 on Friday). He no longer uses the Intal (I'm thinking he only used that for a couple of years. Now we only have albuterol nebulizer solution (and when he gets a cold, etc. we almost always have to resort to the Prelone). When allergies strike or we hear a cough coming on we give him Benedryl and can sometimes head off a full-blown asthma attack (just depends on which asthma trigger is at work).

When he started to kindergarten two years ago he got a Maxair inhaler - and refused to use it. Made for some tense moments sending him to school not knowing what they would do if he needed the inhaler and refused to use it. Luckily we had very few problems - usually he was able to wait until after school to use the nebulizer.

As I said in my earlier post, he had an onset of an attack late last week. We started him on Prelone syrup yesterday - oh, the joys of a small boy on steroids... Yesterday he decided that he is going to start using the inhaler - I am happy, but why couldn't he have done this TWO YEARS AGO?

Anyway, I guess I would really like to hear from parents of asthmatic children. Coping techniques, etc. Also, the walk-in clinic doctor told me that there is a steroid that would work in the nebulizer - Cort-something? Anyone have any details on this?

Thanks so much!

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