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hi, im new to the boards. ive been doing research on athsma when i stumbled here. maybe you guys can help. my nephew is almost 15 and has been talking about playing football for at least 6 years. he started training with the football team at the beginning of last year. the coach has told him that he's not quite ready yet. mainly because he has minor athsma and he has never really done any major exersice, ever. he is out of shape. he only uses his inhalor every once in a while. He can get out and do things. Our family has often wondered if he even has athsma or if he just gets out of breath because he's out of shape. I've seen him run around and play, and never seen him use his inhaler. His guardian has now decided to take him off the team because she thinks he's going to hurt himself and try too hard to make it onto the team. He is fair complected and turns red when active. She doesn't see that as normal. He lifts weights and gets sore. She doesnt see that as normal. I dont think that is possible that he is going to hurt himself. not with his coaches and doctors etc. keeping an eye on him. i think this is the best thing he's ever done for himself and im scared of where he'll end up if his guardian keeps him from following his goals . what can i tell her to change her mind. i need advice. thank you. a worried aunt

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