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The raspy voice could be from any number of things -- I find my voice only gets raspy when I've been coughing a lot, which would be from irritation. Yeah, it could be from irritation. Unfortunately, in asthmatics it's generally regarded as dangerous to suppress a cough, so if you start having coughing fits try taking some ventolin, and see if it helps you cough up whatever's causing the irritation. Some days you're probably just better off staying inside.

Also, be careful -- VCD or vocal chord dysfunction is something that can mimick asthma symptoms and can be triggered by many of the same things asthma is -- cold air is high on that list. This is especially likely to be true if when you start having asthma problems, it is easier to breathe if you pant and concentrate on expiration fully. In VCD, inspiration is often the more difficult, and in asthma, expiration is often more difficult. But these aren't hard-and-fast rules, so...

But if your asthma drugs work, don't worry about the VCD thing.

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