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Re: Cough
Mar 5, 2004
[QUOTE=Kaye2003]Last year my daughter (18 at the time) had a weird cough. She seem to only cough at night and worse in her room. But once she fell asleep you didn't hear her cough again all night. After many, many doctor visits and rx for infection, cough, cold, etc., our family doctor finally sent her to a allergy specialist. He x-rayed her sinuses (really infected) and did allergy test, asthma test, etc. She was allergic to her cat. We found the cat a home and the doctor put her on dallergy and singular. She stopped coughing almost over night.

Some questions I have are:
She will start coughing again if she even misses one dose of either med.
She has had a slight cough again in the last few weeks. The doctor said it is just a cold and that I should give her nothing for it. Said the dallergy and singular will eventually take care of it. That nothing her two rx are better than anything over the counter and it would be a waste of money.

Have any of you will allergies and asthma had this problem with just a common cold?
Thanks for any help.[/QUOTE]

1. She could. I would try 2 make it a habit 2 take both medicines regularly, at the same times, and not missing any doses. When you miss doses is when you leave the lungs vulnerable to problems.
2. Um...well if her cough is aggravated by post nasal drip, Sudafed/Tylenol cold could be of great value. And it very well could be. I have cough variant asthma and nothing over the counter helps my cough..usually I need a prednisone burst 2 keep me from coughing my lungs out when i'm not doing well. But i'm talking like really really sick, like bronchitis/pneumonia sick is when prednisone becomes an option. And yeah I have had similar problems..a simple cold nearly had me hospitalized last time for all the coughing and shortness of breath. If her cough is keeping her up at nite and really interfering with her sleep/day, Mytussin(Robutussin with codeine) could be an option, but I really don't reccommend it..makes me wheeze, extremely sleepy, been known 2 hallucinate..I say only in extreme situations should it be used. Also she could try Tessalon perles when she is not doing well and coughing, they don't have as many effects on the body. They numb the lungs really and therefore calm the coughing. Works alright for me if I have a minor bronchitis. A cool mist humidifier is probably the best thing you can do 4 a cough at nite in her room..anyways hope this helped some!

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