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Dear All,

How many of you here get really bad chest infections. For the past 8 months i have had repeated chest infections and i have been really worried (and still am )about lung cancer as i know this is a symptom.

However, i saw a specialist yesterday and he tells me that because the sinuses in my nose are are wrecked, i am relying on my mouth to breath, especiually at night, and as such, my nose is not filtering pollutants which is causing the infections.

I am still not convinced - have any of you suffered like this??

Thanks, Stuart
I think repeated chest infections are actually pretty common with asthma thanks to all the 'gunk' that seems to accumulate in our lungs on a regular basis. If I pick up any kind of respiratory 'bug' it will transform itself into a chest infection within a few hours. Cold = lung infection = a week in the hospital. Doesn't matter if I double the inhaled steroid, start popping 50 mg of prednisone or bury my head in the sand, the result will be the same. I would probably do much better in a 'bubble' -- my children have suggested a giant hampster ball.


I caught pneumonia in August 2001 (on my 25th bday!!) and was ill for literally 6 months due to repeated chest infections that followed the pneumonia. My asthma had gone mad as well. So yes, I think asthmatics are very prone to chest infections.

I also agree with the poster that said antibiotics are overused. The GP barely looks at you anymore...he just hands out the meds.

Take care and welcome to the boards!

Nic :wave:

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