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Hello! New to the board but thrilled to have found it. I hope you can point me in the right direction here. First, some background- my son is almost 6 mos old, and since January he has had a chronic cough & congestion. Coughing is sometimes to the point of vomiting several times a night (not a reflux vomit- but induced by the coughing fits). He is exclusively breastfed, and I believe he has an allergy to dairy (eliminated it from my diet in February). He's been treated for reflux, seasonal allergies, and bronchitis- all with no improvement in symptoms.

This week we saw a Pediatric Pulmonologist at Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. They did a chest x-ray, sweat chloride test, and pulmonary function test (one of the few hospitals equipped to do a pulmonary function on an infant, quite interesting to observe). The chest x-ray was consistent with a viral infection, which the pulmonologist told me is a common cause of asthma in infants/toddlers (recurrent viral infections). The PFT showed signs of narrowing/constriction, so the diagnosis was asthma.

I've tried to do research on Infantile Asthma and can not find much at all because, of course, it's seldom diagnosed this young. He doesn't seem to wheeze, per se, just coughs and coughs and coughs and coughs. Currently he's on Albuterol 4x a day, Pulmicort 2x a day, and Prednisone 1x a day (4ml). We're to continue this regimine for 10 days, then the Prednisone goes away and the Albuterol goes down to 3x a day (twice with the Pulmicort, once alone with the inhaler). In three weeks I'm to call the hospital with an update.

What do you think? Does his treatment sound reasonable for a 6 month old? Does this sound like asthma? Are there any good resources for Baby Asthma that I'm overlooking? I appreciate any help you can offer.


Tali 1/17/01
Zach 11/17/02

My son was also diagnosed with asthma when he was 6 months. He was also allergic to severely allergic to milk! Make sure you eliminate EVERYTHING that has dairy in it from your diet. My ds would throw up so often and it can also cause major ear infections.

The meds are very resonable. Prednisone should help get the symptoms under control quickly.

All 3 of my kids cough with their asthma. My ds's asthma is caused by allergies, middle dd's comes up more often in respritory infections (pneumonia, bronchitis). My youngest dd's asthma doesn't seem to have much rhyme or reason except that we know cold weather affects her quickly and horribly.

If you have any questions regarding your child's breathing, or if he is throwing up because the cough is so bad, take him to the hospital or dr. office. Coughing may not seem "serious" enough for a hospital visit but it is! Sometimes it can be harder on a body then wheezing because just the act of coughing can be physically harder.

That said, my kids asthma is usually under control due to meds. My son is on Advair, middle daughter isn't on anything - just antibiotics for all her infections constantly, youngest daughter is on Serevent. Once things were under control with prednisone (which we sometimes end up back on) they were able to lower their doses.

I know asthma can be frightening, especially in a young child. Just be sure to keep an open line of communication with your dr. and don't be hesitant to get help if you need it.

Good luck and God bless.

Yes, the viral infection will have to run its course before you'll notice him really really really improving congestion-wise. Keep in mind that the prednisone will make that stick around a little bit longer than usual so don't freak out if it goes a little longer than a week, but a whole lot longer than that and you should start worrying.

You might not notice the albuterol helping with the coughing but you should notice him appearing a little more relaxed and less grumpy -- I know when I give albuterol treatments to kids at the hospital they don't necessarily stop wheezing but they sure look a lot more relaxed and happier.

What kind of neb cup do you have and did they tell you how often to replace it? The more expensive pari dealies they tell you to replace every 1-2 years and then the cheapo airlife guys they tell you to replace once a month.

DO NOT SUBMERGE THE SMALL CONNECTING TUBING IN WATER because there's no way on this god's given earth you'll get it dried out all the way on the inside again. I'm sure the last thing you need growing in your tubing is mould. Feel free to rinse off the mask if it starts getting nasty-looking but the mask usualliy gets a good chance to air-dry between treatments and isn't as likely to grow yuckies. But yes, you're right, you should be able to throw the neb cup in with the aerochamber.

You probably thought it was 'just a cough' because with adults a cough isn't much to worry about. Like you said, can't worry about it now, what's done is done. What IS nice is that he has the diagnosis and there won't be damage happening to his lungs because it went untreated for yearsandyears.

Pink, I see you're from Airdrie -- how are things out there? Have you gotten the snow edmonton/calgary got?

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