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Hello! New to the board but thrilled to have found it. I hope you can point me in the right direction here. First, some background- my son is almost 6 mos old, and since January he has had a chronic cough & congestion. Coughing is sometimes to the point of vomiting several times a night (not a reflux vomit- but induced by the coughing fits). He is exclusively breastfed, and I believe he has an allergy to dairy (eliminated it from my diet in February). He's been treated for reflux, seasonal allergies, and bronchitis- all with no improvement in symptoms.

This week we saw a Pediatric Pulmonologist at Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. They did a chest x-ray, sweat chloride test, and pulmonary function test (one of the few hospitals equipped to do a pulmonary function on an infant, quite interesting to observe). The chest x-ray was consistent with a viral infection, which the pulmonologist told me is a common cause of asthma in infants/toddlers (recurrent viral infections). The PFT showed signs of narrowing/constriction, so the diagnosis was asthma.

I've tried to do research on Infantile Asthma and can not find much at all because, of course, it's seldom diagnosed this young. He doesn't seem to wheeze, per se, just coughs and coughs and coughs and coughs. Currently he's on Albuterol 4x a day, Pulmicort 2x a day, and Prednisone 1x a day (4ml). We're to continue this regimine for 10 days, then the Prednisone goes away and the Albuterol goes down to 3x a day (twice with the Pulmicort, once alone with the inhaler). In three weeks I'm to call the hospital with an update.

What do you think? Does his treatment sound reasonable for a 6 month old? Does this sound like asthma? Are there any good resources for Baby Asthma that I'm overlooking? I appreciate any help you can offer.


Tali 1/17/01
Zach 11/17/02

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