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Hi Nancy - I feel so bad for you, I know what you're going through. The reason your doctor was so concerned about your thrush is, when it's allowed to get bad, it can spread down your throat and to your esophagus. That's why you feel so badly. Make sure you take all the medicine as the above person said, but many times it can take months for a case of thrush to finally go away and stay away.

When you say you can taste the Advair when you use it, I think the above poster was mistaken about what you meant when she suggested you weren't rinsing good enough. What you meant was, you can taste it when you actually inhale it, didn't you? That means you've got the disc tipped, and a good part of it is most likely coating the roof of your mouth, which is probably where your thrush started. What I found helpful to help break the habit of tipping it is I looked in a mirror when I used it so I could actually see if it was being held level or not. When you simply put it in your mouth and inhale, you're not aware of a natural tendency to tip it upwards, like if you were eating a hamburger. It takes a conscious effort to keep it level so that the powder will actually go into your lungs where it's needed, and not all over the roof of your mouth.

The rinsing, brushing your teeth, and rinsing again helps quite a bit, but I also found that eating yogurt with live cultures every day helps, as does cutting down on dairy products. What I also found to help was, once the thrush was gone, I made it a habit to check my mouth and throat twice a day for any new spots. If you catch it right away when you only see maybe one or two, you can simply rub those off with a q-tip. If you do this on a daily basis, you can pretty much keep it in check just by removing a spot or two when you see it without having to take the medicine. It's only when it's allowed to spread because we aren't aware it's there, that you will need to take something to get rid of it.

As to your question of it being contagious, I've never known it to be, but you might want to ask your doctor or read some information on it just to be sure.

Let us know how you are, ok?

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