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Yes, that IS the problem right now. You had asthma as a child, it's very common to come back when you're older. Fortunately the only symptom you have is shortness of breath. And trust me, THAT is asthma. And if you don't treat it, in a very short period of time you may find out just what all those books are talking about, because it's very common for mild asthma, which is what you have, to suddenly become moderate or severe and needing a whole lot of treatment. Don't try to talk yourself out of what is wrong at the risk of losing what good health you do have. There are many people with atypical asthma, meaning they don't fit into any book, or into that nice little cubby-hole that some writer says all asthmatics are in. Atypical is just that - NOT typical. Yes, your 'typical, common, everyday' asthma will have attacks so to speak. No, I did not have 'attacks', I had a constant shortness of breath and a tightness in my chest, and they went away with treatment. You have to remember that adult asthma is not going to be like children's asthma, which is very often attacks like what you're asking about. Asthma encompasses so many diverse symptoms, and not every one is going to be struck with the same ones. If you tested positive for asthma, which is something you already had anyway (from when you were little), than accept it and treat it, or believe me, you WILL get worse. If you are really intent on not accepting you have asthma again, then you may want to consider the other lung disease that will also cause shortness of breath - emphysema. And if your doctor didn't check you for that, you may want to ask him to.

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