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Hi Rach - Boy, that's alot to read at one time :) Everyone's different so I'll jsut tell you what's going on with me.

I was diagnosed with asthma a little over a year ago. Never had 'attacks', just chest tightness, couldn't take a deep breath, and would get out of breath very easily. My doctor started me on Advair 500 first, then when I started to get better, he lowered it to 250, and now I've been on the 100/50 since last fall. Allergy testing showed no known allergies, but I didn't think it would as I've never had them. The last symptoms I had after everything was feeling better was the constant sighing and yawning. These are not asthma symptoms, they are symptoms of a hyperventilation syndrome which was brought on by your abnormal breathing patterns. It's called 'overbreathing' and simply put, you need to 'reset' your breathing. It took me awhile to do this by doing breathing exercises, but it eventually went back to normal. And yes, I had other people tell me too that 'Boy, you sure sigh alot' or wonder if I was bored or tired. My body had simply forgotten how to breathe correctly.

I reread your post and Rach, you have almost every symptom of Chronic hyperventilation:

Breathlessness at rest for no apparant reason
Frequent deep sighs or yawning
Chest-wall pains
Light-headedness or dizziness
Tremors or 'jitteriness'
Fast pulse rate
High anxiety

When you aren't breathing correctly, the normal balance of oxygen and carbon-dioxide is upset, and that affects your body in alot of different ways and causes many different symptoms, some of them very scary. It took me awhile to get mine back to normal and you can, too.

If you want to know more about it, let me know. I believe that when you're struggling to breathe with asthma, it may be normal during that time to have your breathing pattern all over the map. But once your asthma is under control, then your breathing should also calm down. And if it doesn't, then chances are it's become a habit and you need to change it to feel good again.

Let me know how you are, ok?

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