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The preventative medicines I'm on right now are singulair and Pulmicort. The Pulmicort is like prednisone only in an inhailed form. I haven't noticed any side effects besides a bit of a sore and dry throat.

The Singulair is for long term control and thus far I am also tolerating this very well. I would highly recommend this over the Advair cause if you look on this board there are a LOT of complaints about the Advair and it's side effects. It contains Serevent which can increase your heart rate and for me just made me feel really sick to my stomach.

As for the nebulizer that is like a beefed up version of your rescuse inhailer. Generally they contain something like albuterol. If you can get your ashtma under control with the short course of prenisone I don't see where you should need the nebulizer treatments but again that's all up to your DR. If your lucky you won't need it and can have a resuce inhailer like Combivent or Provental on hand in case of an attack.

Either way it's best to discuss all of these options with a DR who really knows something about asthma and not someone who just give out "the norm" cause this doesn't always work for everyone. I'm glad I didn't just take the advice of someone who said that we have to live with the side effects of these drugs because it helps our breathing. I was told by my allergist that we should be able to control our Asthma with no significant side effects from our medications. Hope your breathing easier soon.


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