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The test you took was a spirometry. A pulmonologist will do further testing. There is another one called diffusion testing, which shows how well gases pass through your lung membranes. If the level is high, it can indicate asthma. But the best test is the methacholine challenge. You breathe in a little methacholine and then breathe hard into the machine and it measures. Then you breathe in a little more, etc. They do this up to 6 times. If you breathing gets 20% or more impaired, they stop the test because you have asthma. Then they give you something to breathe to open your lungs. This test is considered the "gold standard" to see if you have asthma.

Albuteral can make some people shaky, but it usually goes away. But some people can't handle it.

Advair can cause bad dreams and some people have an almost hallucenogenic effect from it. It is a great medicine, but from what I read on these message boards, it does cause more side effects than other drugs. Some people just can't handle it. But there are plenty of alternatives. Advair combines a bronchodilator with a corticosteroid. With other alternatives, you will actually have to take two drugs separately ... who cares. One choice is Pulmicort and Foradil.

Also, some people find that one combination of drugs does absolutely nothing for them, but another combination does wonders. So your doc may have to experiment to find out what is right for YOU.

But I urge you to go to a pulmonologist and get a full work-up, not just a spirometry. And discuss the side effects. A pulmonologist is going to be more knowledgeable about the different drugs, too.

But I still find it of concern that albuteral used to work for you, but now it doesn't. Your lungs are not something you want to screw around with. Find out what the problem is.

Another great message board to read is [<<>>] Go there and click on "forum" on the left side of the page. It is a very active message board and you will get LOTS of great information.

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