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Questions for all you REAL asthmatics out there:

1. Does this sound like asthma.

It could be. Asthma seems to vary so much from person to person and it has bben known to appear at any stage of life. I don't know if youhave th option to see another doctor for a second opinion or not, but it sounds like it would be your best option.

2. What does asthma shortness of breath "feel" like.

The best simulation that I have ever heard is to walk briskly or jog for 60 seconds. Then stop, place a straw in your mouth and pinch your nose closed and breath through the straw. However, it does not simulate the feeling that someone is sitting on your chest and that you are very congested.

3. Is pain when you use your inhaler normal?

I sometimes have pain when I use my inhaler. Usually after I have experienced a night full of coughing fits and post nasal drip.

4. Do you have pain (a sense of heaviness/pressure/ crushing in the middle of your chest?

I often feel like someone is sitting on my chest holding a pillow over my face.

5. Do you have periods when you start to sweat when nobody else feels it is warm?

Yes, especially when my asthma is acting up. However, I also have hyperthyroidism which also causes sweating and hot flashes, and can aggrivate my asthma if left untreated.

6. Do you wake up at night coughing and prop yourself up on pillows to breath?

Yes, I wake up many, many times at night coughing and wheezing. Sitting up or propping myself up on pillows helps. I also have acid reflux which aggrivates my asthma. Propping myself up on pillows helps to reduce the amount of acid that is able to come up my esophagus.

7. Do you cough up pink or "spotty" mucous?

No. This seems unusual to me. My mucous is always thick and clear with alot of air bubbles trapped in it. However, I think that this is highly variable between asthmatics.

8. Is fluid in your lungs common with asthma?

Again, I think that this is highly variable between asthmatics. I often have the feeling that I have fluid in my lungs even when an x-ray shows that there is no fluid.

9. Do you think my doctor has a huge hemoroid or is that really his brain?

I will never pretend to understand doctors.

10. Last question, do you ever wake up and feel like you are suffocating?

Every night, at least once but typically 2 to 3 times a night. Unfortunately I am on about every classification of asthma and allergy medicine and my asthma is still not under control.

I hope this helps.

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