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Hi Folks,
I also have chronic bronchitis and Asmtha. I've done some research on aspects of Asmtha.
I asked a doctor long ago why I always had such lung problems. His frist question was:
Was I premature baby, which was yes very much. like 2 months. The lungs are the last to develop and you will always have lung problems. (depressed me to find this out).
Also, If your female you will have more sever attacks at specific times of the month. I think you get my drift.

I hate the cough from asmtha. I also get the feeling of having a hard time breathing.

What I'm wondering is there a herbal medication that help with the asmtha. Does anyone know??
hello, i'm new to this board and just found out i have chrontic asmtha induced my phemunia. my mother has had it for over 25 years and they don't think when the phemunia is gone the asmtha will too they think its hear to stay because in the last 2 years my health has went from good to extremly poor.they have me on 60mgs of predizone, advair, convent inhaler, albutrol inhaler, and albutrol nebizer breathing treatments. with all the medicine its barely controlling the attacks. my mom is scared i'm following in her footsteps. can asmtha do that my mom got adult asmtha around 35 but i'm only 29 why am i getting it so much earlier. i'm scared because my mom barely made it through her last 10 years with her contant battle with asmtha i might not be as luckly. i have always been physical fit but know i cant even climb a pair of stairs before i whezz or go into a serve attacks. i have 2 young children that need me how do you esplain to a 3 year old that mommy is too sick to run and jump but can read and love her still i just don't understand till a month ago i was struggling with it but it seams all of a sudden i can barely get though a day without being weak from attacks and the whezzing is making me even weaker will i ever have a normal life again and take care of my kids without my husband helping me? please any help would be great. my doctor says i'll have it for life that history is repeating itself he says it usuall does.he says i will have to live a different life and get used to slowing down and relying on my meds or i wont be able to breathe or it will put me in the emercency room. my mother has went code red 4 times in a 3 year time i don't want my kids going though this its very unfair to them why can't this be stopped.
any answer or help would be greatly appreciated.
sherry kern
please feel free to e-mail me some things my mother has tryed might work for you i do have alot of knowledge of asmtha, allergies and the meds out there i might be able to help you i'm hoping there might be someone that has more knowledge than i have doing everything i've been through and know to do just not working.
asmtha is the worst and most uncontrollable disase out there besides dying.
sherry kern

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