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Re: Please Help
Sep 22, 2003
hello, i have very serve asmtha and i too am following in my mothers foot steps but they have better means today to make sure we too make our life what we do. till a year ago they gave my mom very limted living time left due to the damage her lungs from over 25 years off chronis attacks they changed her meds and she has lost over 100 pds put on from all the predizone she took she was on anywhere from 60 mgs to over 100 mgs at a time . i'm trying to be hopefull they will find the right comition for mine too its just going to take time. thinking the worst is going to only make things worse because stress and being upset can trigure your asmtha too if you stay as calm as you can and poistive you will find the right way to deal with your asmtha. you say you have a newborn your hormones are still up and down and is probally causing your asmtha problems did the same with me 3 years ago it took time but it went away. this time i'm not pregrant its due to damage from phemunia i have thats done prepant damage this time. but i'm staying positive and am willing to try anything to get better. i have 3 wonderfull kids and a husband that need me hear . remember that baby needs you to stay postive he will never get bye without your love its not how fast you can run how far you can jump its you being there when he's hurt or scared or needs someone to tell that staory too. rember that and we all will get through our asmtha eventally. one more meds than you and i'm trying to stay postive if i can you can
i'm on 60mg predizone albutrol inhaler every 4 hours, 100/50 advair diskus, on albutrol solution through neubtizer machine, clartin for my sinus problem that doesnt work. i still whezz every day am out of breathe and this morning fell down stairs after i passed out from not being able to breathe so yes i do know what your going through my youngest is only 3 years old a boy 7 years old and a girl 4 years old. so if you need someone to talk to i maybe able to help . or not cause not much helping me right know either.

kepping postive is the biggest battle of alllllll

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