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Your situation sounds somewhat similar to mine. Last year my 6 yr. old got a cold and he coughed and coughed nonstop. I took him in twice to have his chest listened to and the dr. said it sounded good. The cough finally went away but he was left with a croupy loud barky sounding cough that occurred usually a few times in the morning and always when he first went outside in the cold winter. So after about 8 weeks of this sporadic barky cough, he started getting another cold so I took him again. This time the dr. heard wheezing said he had asthma and gave prednisone, flovent, and albuterol. None of this made any difference and he coughed more as what usually happens as a cold progresses. A week or so later he was coughing so much I tried the albuterol and he only stopped coughing for about 10 minutes so I took him to the ER. The dr. there said he had a bit of a wheeze but didn't think it was asthma, called a pediatrician who specializes in asthma who then gave an antibiotic and said come back in 10 days. After the 10 days he told me to stop all the asthma meds, said he didn't know if he has asthma and sent me on my way. That loud short barky cough has continued periodically over the last (almost) year. My family dr. tells me that he doesn't have asthma and I say but....he coughs when he goes out in the cold, he has a barky cough....etc. Dr. says that some kids get croupy with every cold. The pediatrician's main concern was if he ever has trouble breathing and I said not to my knowledge. I didn't even know he was wheezing. So now I watch him like a hawk all the time, I bought a stethoscope and listen for wheezing, and am basically a worried wreck! I do think this is asthma, maybe mild or just starting but something is not right. They have never done any tests and I went to the only asthma guy in the city so I just have to wait and hope this doesn't get worse or that he grows out of it. In the meantime, worry, worry, worry.

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