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hello, 5 years ago i was told i have chronic acute asmtha i had always been on the inhaler albutrol and predizone from time to time anywhere from 40 mg to 80 mgs well 2 weeks ago i caught phemunia and know they put me on advair, and albutrol nebuzier treatments every 1-4 hours . the doctors are saying the phemunia damaged my lungs severlly. i have a long list of asmtha history. my mother has had asmtha for over 30 years and is worried history is repeating itself. my doctor doesnt think i am every going to get much better than know. right know i am on 60 mg preizone, albutrol inhaler every 4 hours, convient every 6 hours, and albutrol nebizer treatment normally every 2 hours and advair once in morning and once at night. plus the antobtic i/m on. the doctors say the antobtic is working and the predizone is doing its job so why can i still barely breathe even with all this medicine. i have 3 kids to take care of this is unfair to them to have there mother depending on med to just live because without them i go blue in the lips turn really pale and clopse from not being able to breathe has anyone been this bad with asmtha before besides my mother her's is this bad and always has been. is there anything i can do to improve my lungs excises or something. i can't even climb my stairs without having a attack . i feel down my stairs this morning due to not being able to breathe everything went white and feel. really hurt know.. if didnt already.. well any help would be appreciated.

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