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Oct 26, 2003
hello, my pet peeve is trying to explain to people that i have asmtha and no i can,t do that because i won't beable to breathe like soccer team here in town want me on it but i can't there like your on meds so whats the problem well cause running around for 2 hours wopuld put me in the e.r. the commercial they set me right off there a joke wish it were true ha. another is my husband we both have severe conditions mine is crontic asmtha his a chronic back pain with no cause yet getting close though. i do everything for him and give him plenty symthoy love and give him, med, make appt, take care of him. well when the shoes on the other foot i get nothing and if i complain i get all i hear about is your asmtha and i'm sick of it this just happened 5 months ago for me but his has been going on for 3+ years and if i say well i get sick of his too i get a blow up know whats wrong with this picture guess men are more important than women would like some feedback on that one.


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