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[QUOTE=Nicole-Brittany]I am never sure when to go to the ER so I often sit around suffering waiting for my symptoms to "disappear". Only once have i actually given in and gone. On thursday, I was jogging on the treadmill and I foregot to take my meds before going. I was only on for 5 minutes and I was chocking for air the entire night. I now realize that i probably should have gone but I hate going if it isn't compulsary. I just took my reliever meds a couple of times and was up until about 3 in the morning. There was only about a 5 minute peroid that i was actually scared and felt my chest closing. Rereading this i realize that I should have gone but I hate to truble people for my stupidity (foregetting the meds). I run and this should have been no problem for me.

So basicly, what i'm saying is, when generally should a person head to the ER?[/QUOTE]

your doctor should be able 2 tell you what peak flows 2 watch for. I personally have been told 2 go in at under 300. At 300-350 i'm supposed 2 do a neb treatment w/ Xopenex, 350-400, take albuterol as needed. I have a prescription at home that can be refilled anytime, anywhere 4 Prednisone incase I need 2 start it right away. Though I have recently made an all time record low pf-110, and I was able 2 kick it myself at home w/ Xopenex. It has saved me a few trips 2 the hospital, having the nebulizer/xopenex at home & also prednisone..I do follow up w/ my doctor everytime & this has been great.
Generally, my guideline 4 myself is lower than 300 peak flow, try up 2 4 puffs of albuterol, a xopenex treatment, if both those don't help & my peak flow doesn't go above 300, I will head 2 the ER.
Also my coughing part of my asthma is a different guideline 4 that is when I can't stop coughing enough between each fit 2 catch my breath..4 that I just go 2 straight 2 the ER, bronchodilators only make the cough deeper.
blah we had 2 run in gym today outside(it's cold out there!-it was like 32 degrees when we went out) literally took my breath away.. I was so embarassed I could only run one lap & then it took me an hour 2 recover. It makes me so mad how we aren't told we are running-I could have taken my inhaler & avoided a big part of htat. Horrible isn't it..I think it is.
I used 2 have a cool peak flow meter that was marked by my doctor 2 show what peak flows were good,my diff zones, & they told me what 2 do 4 the differnet numbers.
Maybe you could ask about that..that would help a lot 2 really determine when you should go in or not..

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