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If it's asthma, of course there are ways to treat it!=) LOL there would not be any of us here on the asthma board if there was nothing! hehe..The AAAAI(American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology), National Jewish(#1 respiratory hospital in America), also the Mayo Clinic, all have tons of info, even information on getting referred to one of their specialists. Anyways about treatments! There's soooo many, it's highly likely you will find something that can help you out! Of course there are some who are just very very sensitive & steroid resistant, but that's a very small percentage of asthmatics. Are you on any daily medication(preventers?)? It sounds like you may have Cough Variant Asthma(CVA)..I have it & it's allergy triggered(dust, grass, dogs, cats, ragweed) meaning if i'm exposed to enough those..I cough..and cough..and cough..and no end, until i'm not exposed anymore. I also have a lot of non allergic triggers(smoke, strong perfumes, sickness, etc). Have you been allergy tested? I finally gave in & got tested yesterday & while it only confirmed what I already suspected, it was still nice to see an allergist. In my experience, pulmonologists don't take asthmatics seriously unless they have very very severe asthma..remember they see much sicker people. So I recommend seeing an allergist with a strong background in asthma, you can get allergy testing & also pulmonary function testing(this will show how well your lungs work), possibly blood work to rule out any other conditions. Do you have acid reflux or any related symptoms? That can be a huge trigger for asthma & coughing! It may be worth looking into! Preventer meds(inhaled steroids, long acting bronchodialors, or a combination, also cromolyn sodium, theophyllin, antihistamines, antileukrotines) all can help prevent symptoms but they must be used for a long time to see any effectiveness for the most part. Give any you try at least 2 months to see full results~I've heard of some taking up to a year or more! Reliever meds(albuterol & the like, levalbuterol..only used in a nebulizer so far, prednisone, atrovent) all relieve symptoms..sometimes inhalers don't work well for coughing i've found cuz first they spray something suddenly in your lungs & that can make you cough it all up anyway then it opens up your lungs which can make the cough deeper. Have you used tessalon perles? They work OK for coughing, they don't completely stop it, but they help. May be more effective for you though. What about Mytussin AC(Robotussin with codine & guiafenesin..hope I spelled that right)? That can stop the coughing so it doesn't feed on itself & help you cough more up. The problem is, you shouldn't use it if you have a lot of mucous..i've learned that the hard's dangerous. You should only use it at nite really. lol can you tell coughing is definitely something I know a lot about..for a long time I would get a terrible cough that would take codeine to go away everytime I got sick, even if it was just a cold, I know now it's asthma & i've got a lot better treatment plans to prevent that. I hope this helps..and also that you find some relief..anymore questions feel free to ask..

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