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I'm not sure if this is related to asthma, but I've developed a condition over the past 6-7 years that happens mostly during the cold season. I'll get these attacks where I have difficulty breathing, and I feel like I need to take long, deep breaths, but I can't. Then it leads to gagging (I've always had a sensitive gag reflex, but usually when something touches my throat) and throwing up. Usually I'll have a series of dry heaves before throwing up once (not a lot of vomit, just one heave). Sometimes these attacks happen on their own, but they are much more frequent when I'm outside in the cold air, or before anxiety situations, such as public speaking. In the summer, my condition goes away normally, although i'm not sure if that will happen this year, since it's been a lot more severe and frequent. The feeling seems to emanate from my throat, but I'm thinking it could be something with my lungs. Any insight, or has anyone heard about anything like this? Thanks
I am not sure if it is simply anxiety. I have suffered from this exact same thing ever since I was a little kid. When I go outside into the cold, I get a really strong urge to gag. I usually end up gagging, sometimes so hard that I throw up. It seems much worse after I have eaten as well. I am fine after having eaten, but then as soon as I hit the cold, I start gagging. I am not sure what causes it, a doctor once suggested reynauds phenomenon...yet I don't know if I trust that diagnosis.

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