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Hello Board,
I am new in here, as I've never really had Asthma before. I've suffered allergies, and severe rhinitis which diminished when I left my job, as only had trouble with my airways once a few yrs ago, which I thought was caused by taking certain over the counter meds. I was given prednisone, and it never happened again till now. This past February, I suffered a bout with pneumonia. I was treated with high doses of antibiotics, and 20 mg of prednisone where I had to wean off them treatment. I had to be nebulized twice during the pneumonia, and was given Advair (daily for a month) which helped along with the corticoid. I had to go back apx a month ago, as I was still having trouble with my airways, wheezing, and coughing. I was put back on prednison, and it helped again, as once I go off it, the wheezing comes back..not severe, but it is not normal either. Everytime I talk on the phone, I get horse, and constantly have to clear my throat. When I cough I sound still a little congested. Is this just residual from the phenomena, and will it eventually go away? Will my airways ever go back to normal on their own again? Has this happened to anyone? I still inhale the Advair, as only when I'm wheezing more.
Any information or input anyone can offer me on this would be so greatfully appreciated.

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