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Ive been dealing with PND, Headaches, Ear Pain and Nasal Congestion for over a year. Ive had my sinuses scanned (clear), using Nasal Steroids (Flonase, Nasonex, Nasorel, Astelin) with no effect and Antibiotics. I am allergic to the usual things and am taking allergy shots with no definitive results. I had a recent cold that left me with a persistant dry cough which my doctor prescribed Advair for after a peak flow test. He said it *might* be asthma but prior to the cold i wouldnt say difficulty breathing was one of my symptoms except occasionally i would wakeup suddenly out of sleep and it felt like i couldnt breathe for a second - this would happen once every several months -never during the day. Most people describe difficulty in breathing in the chest as a symptom of Asthma but is Congestion in the nose a symptom of Asthma? Im pursuing this to see if i should try Advair since i dont want to put another medication into my system if its not going to help. Most of all i want to get to the bottom of what my health problems are and ive never really considered Asthma before.


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