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My daughter has been on Advair for a month now, she just finished one and started another diskus yesterday. So far she doesn't seem to have any side effects, and it seems to be helping beacuse she doesn't need her rescue inhaler unless she has been running a lot, usually at school (although part of that may be due to the fact that she likes to go to the nurses office at school). If she runs at home or a friends she is usually ok. So i have noticed definitly more good than bad with it and it doesn't seem to give her any headaches or other side effects. We try to make sure she takes the doses at 7am and 7pm, but occaisionally has taken them less than 12 hours apart, in cases where she slept in until 10 but has to go to bed by 9pm on a school night. She also has taken them more than 12 hours apart before too, and neither have seemed to hurt her.
I hope this helps, and I hope you have as much luck with Advair as we do so far.

You are never "safe" from the "serious but rare side effects". They can come up anytime your taking it. But remember how rare these are~ and mainly, they occur in people like me, that have a very low fat percentage & are more sensitive to medication cuz they don't have enough body fat to absorb it. Inhaled steroids have been stated by the american medical association(I believe that's it, that or the FDA) to be the "most safe & effective treatment in asthma, and even more effective when combined with a long acting bronchodilator".
As for the headache, I don't know that i've ever found a connection between headaches and Advair. I had a fast heartbeat at first(though I was on a higher dose, 100 is pretty low) & I do have a tendency to have a blood sugar level drop if my stomach is empty, but otherwise I love it. I don't know where i'd be without it.
Advair takes usually a week or 2 to reach it's full potential, though i've heard of some cases where it can take up to a year. Be patient~ give it a few days. If you've had a flare up, you'll likely notice your getting better when all the mucus comes up(sorry to be so gross! it's true though) in your throat.

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