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Thank you Cindy!!!

I'm glad to see that other people have asthma but rarely have issues with it, as with me. Do you get the cholorphyll drink from a health food store?

I am trying eradicate the cat fur/dander completely from the bedroom today. I"m even going as far as to wash the drapes! :)

I think my condition is much like yours - you never feel it until you get a cold. That is exactly how I feel.

I am on the highest dosage of advair and that is the only thing that has worked for me so far. I think my HEPA filter and dehumidifer have done more good than I give them credit for too. I woudl highly recommend both of those to folks.

I only have 1 cat, but like I said, I'm trying to get him completely out and away from the bedroom. You know how pets like to keep your toes warm at night. :) He will just have to find a new place to sleep.

I do put a coorelation together between my weight and my symptoms as well. I was very thin when I ran everyday and never experienced a single wheeze, shortness of breath or even tightness in chest. NOw that I'm slightly heavier, I do. Excerise sounds like a magic pill to me.

Especially considering that I take peak flow readings before and after exercise. I breathe so well after exercising that I almost go and throw the advair away! I'm giong to increase the amount of exercise and keep good records and see how much improvement I get from just good, heavy cardio workouts. The peak flow readings don't lie and there isnt a way that I have figured out how to cheat with it, so I know without a doubt based on measurements that exercise does indeed increase my ability to inhale and exhale dramatically (I'm talking 100-120 points increase).

Thank you again for sharing your story about it. I was almost to the point that I even denied that I had it. One of my best friends has severe asthma, but since he began singulair 2 years ago, had only used the albuterol 2 times in 2 years. This was a guy that used albeterol 4-6 times a day!

So I know with the right medicaitons, I can feel 'cured'. Or, at least capable of living an absolutely normal life. I just wasn't having the problems that he had with it. And I didn't udnerstand how I coudl have the same diagnosis but have totally different symptons. NOw, I do, thanks to your post. :)

No wonder it's so hard to diagnose at times and treat. Not everyone fits the textbook case and I must say, it takes a very thorough and patient physican to think outside the box and get to the source and figure out how to treat it.

I will keep everyone posted to see if the cat is indeed a large enough trigger to make me this miserable!!! (I suspect he is, poor guy). Too bad I can't exfoliate him daily!

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