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I'm so glad I found this board. My 2 yr-old has also been diagnosed w/ restrictive airway disease. His asthma Dr. is reluctant to test him at such a young age and when/if he is diagnosed w/ asthma, it will be a predisposition he'll carry for the rest of his life. Therefore, he is just treating his symptoms as of now. He takes Pulmacort respules at the first sign of a cough but if the cough worsens (which he usually goes downhill fast) then we give him Xopenex via a nubulizer. He was on Albuterol but we switched b/c of the side affects. I guess restrictive airway disease (bronchospasms) is almost like a catch-all for very sensitive bronchials. My husband is also the same way & has been since he was a baby. He's never been diagnosed w/ asthma. Both of them seem to flare up when ever they catch a cold or some other bug, although I'm sure they both must be allergic to something, but "What?" is my question. It can get very scary when he wakes in the middle of the night coughing/gagging so hard. My son gets frightened w/ the bad spells and starts to cry. It took months to find help as his Ped. kept insisting it was extra mucus from teething. I finally stepped up to get a 2nd opinion and thank God I did. Just a few days on his nebulizer makes a world of difference.

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