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Hi everyone

I think my asthma is playing up. The last 2 weeks I've been coughing at night (I never used to before), coughing up mucus (sometimes specked green but other times white) and Im wheezing most of the time. I can just be sitting down and I start wheezing then coughing and wheezing some more. If I roll over on my side in bed it starts the wheezing off which is later folowed my coughing and sometimes I become sweaty and flushed. Im waking up now wheezing or struggling for breath. When I yawn it sets off a wheezing episode and coughing. I've gone through 5 new inhalers (Ventolin 100, Seretide 250 and Bricanel 200) in the last 9 days. An inhaler usually lasts me weeks since I only take them when I need them. This is definitely not like me at all.

I had double pnuemonia as a child and several attacks of bronchitis which usually happens when Ive gotten over the flu or the weather is bad (winter months). Ive also been having these nasty little sharp stabbing pains across my chest and this terrible tightness or heavy pressure on my chest. It feels as if someone is squeezing my lungs. It takes about 8 puffs of each inhaler before the wheezing stops but sometimes it starts again about an hour later but sometimes I can go 6 hours without wheezing. Yipee!

I did mention this to my doctor and she said I sound wheezy and that was it. Didn't listen to me or anything but in her favour, it wasn't this bad then!

Has anyone got any idea what this could be? My dads been threatening to take me to the hospital if I have another very bad asthma attack as 2 years ago I had one which turned out to be a lung infection and I nearly died. Hes just beeing a watchful father.

Thanks for all your replies in advance.

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