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I have an 11 y.o. daughter who I suspect is also gaining weight from Singulair. When she was 9, her BMI jumped from 17 to 21 in 6 mo. because she gained 20 lbs. She had been on Flovent, so dr. switched her to Advair and Singulair. Flovent and Advair are inhaled corticosteroids, which can cause weight gain in high doses, so I tapered her off to a very minute dose of Advair to control her asthma. She could still not stop the weight gain the next couple years, so she stopped Advair completely about 7 mo. ago and continued Singulair, Claratin & Albuterol inhaler as needed. Because she is active and does not overeat, I suspect that the Singulair has something to do with the weight she is still gaining. Even when she barely eats and swims all day, her weight does not come off. I cannot take her off Singulair to see if it is the culprit because her asthma goes crazy. I know my daughter and she just doesn't look right for her frame. I'm sick of doctors blaming it on adolescence or her diet. I'm sick of them saying they never heard of Advair or Singulair causing weight gain. Obviously my daughter has a hypersensitivity to these drugs. I'm sick of them saying there are no other asthma drugs to try. We recently changed from an HMO insurance and have the freedom to see other drs., so I have an appt. coming up with another specialist. I don't know if 7 months is enough time for the corticosteroids to have left her body. I have spent hundred of hours on the internet trying to find info. and just end up getting confused. also has side effect postings. This is my experience so far, and continually worry about my daughter's self-esteem, risk of diabetes, and other complications from weight gain which is not hereditary and goes on unexplained.

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