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Help with cough
Mar 4, 2005
I'm new here and need suggestions.
Our son is 7 years old. He was diagnosed with asthma about 5 years ago. Before the asthma, we had reflux, numerous ear infections & tonsillitis bouts(about 60 antibiotics to date)
Our last prednisone was in November. He used to get a dry, persistent cough when he was wheezing. When the lungs cleared up, (either with nebulizer treatments or steroids) the cough went away.
During the last 3 months, a cough will develop and last for weeks and we can't get rid of it. As I type, he is coughing about every 25 seconds. Yesterday was every 30 -90 seconds for the entire day. We are currently using singular and flovent(w puffs twice a day. His lungs are clear according to our school nurse, and his peak flow is about 85%. He does have some drainage, but the cough is a dry, hacky asthma cough. He only coughs during the day. Once he falls asleep, there is no coughing. The cough starts about 5 minutes after he wakes up in the morning. We know that we are fortunate that the lungs are clear, but it is frustrating for us and for him with this almost constatnt cough. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks.

It is probably his sinuses draining. My son had it for 2 months. His chest was "clear" as they said. He takes flovent 2xday as well. He was on prednisone for the cough and sinus issue and it went away. But, the pred. only reduces the inflammation. If it is a sinus infection, it will just come right back which it did with my son. Try nasal irrigation, (saline spray), perhaps a decongestant. Decongestants can dry him out too much sometimes though, so I would take him to the doc and see. My son is currently on his third round of antibiotics to get rid of it. Apparently this years sinus infections arent going away that easy! I hate to have him on the meds, but he cant seem to beat it on his own. Blow that nose!! Good Luck.
I think that you are right. It was sinuses draining. Since this morning, though, he has started wheezing and we are back on prednisone after a visit to the doc. With us, it usually starts as sinuses and works down into the lungs. We will try the nasal irrigation and possible decongestant. Thanks for the help.

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