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New to this list - would welcome comments/advice - I have been chronic asthmatic since 8 yrs old - now 45 - controlled with ventolin/beclomethasone/anti-histamines/occasionally steroids - I was prescribed theophylline twice in the past for short term use during colds/flu but doc won't give me again - not sure why as they relieve me better than anything else, tried an over-the-counter cold remedy which contains theophylline - also caffeine and ephedrine - the caffeice keeps me awake and the ephedrine gives me the shakes - but the theophylline controlls the asthma - I have found an on-line source for theophylline and have been taking 125mg tablets twice a day for the past 12 months and I feel fantastic - no shakes from too much ventolin - i sleep like a baby - no more waking to use ventolin 2 or 3 times a night - and no more persistant coughing, I haven't even needed to take anti-histamines for months - please help - am I being stupid in dosing myself - I can't find any information saying that long-term use is bad - apart from liver problems - but I have had no side effects that I can feel - only good effects - i used to use 1 ventolin over 3 days - they now last nearly 2 weeks - I no longer have the shakes and haven't had to use steroids since starting them - used to have 4 to 6 courses over a year sometimes more - my asthma is caused by multiple allergies plus is hereditary - both parents - one gran-parent - all siblings (6) and multiple cousins - one sister is prescribed theophylline and can't understand why I haven't been given it - she's had it for 20 years or more - would welcome anyones comments please

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