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A spacer is a holding chamber for the medicine. When an inhaler such as albuterol is used without a spacer it comes out of the canister so fast that 80% of the drug ends up coating the back of your mouth and throat, so a spacer slows it down so you should get alot more of the drug. An inhaler used with a spacer and a good 10 sec. breath hold after inhaling the drug should work as well as a nebulizer. At the hospital I work at we do an asthma protocol when some one comes into our ER where we use inhalers either albuterol or combivent with spacers along with doing peak flows and often get very positive results and tend to see less repeat customers as they just learned how to treat it at home .( we do use more the 2 puffs and monitor the patients for side effects). Many times it is a patient that uses an inhaler at home without a spacer and they can not believe the difference it makes when they are having an actual asthma attack. Good luck. Janmarie

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