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Re: Brittle asthma
May 10, 2005
i am very new to message boards but need some help and advice from anyone whom has brittle asthma. I have just been diagnosed with it after a year of having very uncontrolled asthma. i am struggling with getting the correct medication to help as every thing seems to not be working again.. i have been in hospitail so many times and take many oral and inhalued medication. This is starting to get me down and i have lost my job also due to the time i have had of sick. I do not know anyone else who has brittle asthma. and it would be great to speak to people who have it also. I have been on steriods for such a long time for metanace but have been put on 60mg and this is effecting my moods. Also it has been mentioned me having sub cut infusions to try and stablise me. is any one out their have this type of treatment?[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure if my asthma would be called "brittle asthma" because my doctor said it was a term that they usually use in the UK (I'm from the US), they call it "severe persistent" here.
What medications do you take? Like you, I'm also on high doses of prednisone and it makes me very moody also, as well as making my face like a balloon. Other than that, I take Advair 500/50, QVar 80, Allegra, Singulair, Xolair injections, Xopenex/albuterol, Nasonex, Nexium, and Spiriva. All that and I still end up in the hospital pretty frequently.
I've never been on subcutaneous infusions, but I think there is someone on this board who does get them (Bluebanana - you still around?).

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