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thank you so much!!

I am guessing the same. Why with her history has this taken so long. And I have always complained about her not sleeping during the night and being all over the place-and the doctors always said-it is normal. Some kids don't need a lot of sleep.

Let me tell you we went to bed about 8:45pm, she got up about 10 times and has been up since 3:45. Does this seem normal?

Her sleeping is getting way out of hand. I do not know what to do. I know it isn't her fault. And I try so hard to get her to sleep-now I'm to the point of being so tired-I just can't.

And during the last week I am seeing more behavioral issues and hyper/crying periods through the whole day. Even her teacher at school has talked to me about it. I really don't know what to do. I know she isn't sleeping and this really is so unlike her. She always listens and has generally been a good kid.

Is something getting worse?? I am not sure.
found a couple things out. I told you about how the ent said we really need to find her allergy. Well I started writing everything down and I think her allergy is coming from her school. I asked the director-what chemicals they use in the school. Anyways they told me they don't use chemicals. I said what do you clean with-they said they don't a cleaning company comes in and they have an air system. I asked what kind of air system. It is called sani-air and is located nearby.This air system delivers a great deal of air fresheners and is located in all the class rooms and hallways. They said they just changed cleaning companys a couple months ago. So I decided to call sani-air to get a list of chemical to see if the allergy specialist can test for them. Well when I called they wouldn't give me the answer. They said this information can not be given out-these are company secrets. I explained the whole situation and he said no.

The funny thing was-he slipped up. He said there was a similar case of this in the building. When I started asking questions-he got shady with me and said he didn't know what happened. In there msds it states that this chemical does not have any affect on any medical conditions. Which include asthma.

First off I am very upset-me daughter was enrolled twice in this school and has been in there over a year-and I never knew about this air freshener system??? Why-when air fresheners are considered pollutants that can aserbate asthma. And they definitly knew about hersatus and condition. I always told them what was happening.

It all seems to weird-this all started when she started there back in nov. It got progressivly worse even in the summer-till I pulled out out for her surgery. Then it started all back again except worse when I reenrolled her.

Second off, I do not understand why if there product maybe causing my daughter breathing trouble-why won't they give me the information I need to test her. I am so sad and frusterated right now. We are on a big lead and I get crushed.

I will get to the bottom of this, something funny is going on here. Also at melanie's school was another boy with asthma. When melanie left the first time he was there when I re-enrolled her he was gone. I think maybe it was them that thought the same thing. His asthma was also out of control. I can't be for sure-but it all fits. What do you think.

I emailed out state senitor on what I can do to get the list of chemicals in the products. I don't know who to call. I can afford a laywer. I am going to do everything I can-I have to get Melanie better. We can't go on like this I am so stressed,

I have to get some sleep. Sis sick as a dog and is not sleep good at all. I wanted to ask melanie wheezes at night but during the day I can't hear anything. But she has this weird cough that is prolonged. Is this an asthma attack. She was a little out of breath today and treatments did help a little??

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