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Can y'all please explain and offer you thoughts on this? My asthma has really been acting up lately. I live in Georgia and work in downtown Atlanta-a very volatile combination for an asthma sufferer (Georgia is world renowned as hell for allergy/asthma sufferers). It is not only hot and humid, but downtown Atlanta has horrible smog. Then I go home to a house in the woods/flowers (pollen, grass, tree allergens, etc.) with a dog and two cats.

My asthma has always been manageable by taking an antihistamine-if the allergies are managed, the asthma that is triggered is minimal. But I think the antihistamines are wearing off. My asthma is rarely coughing, but namely chest constriction, tightness, having to take deep breaths, with wheezing that gets worse as my other daily allergy symptoms worsen (runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing). Lately, I've had to take two over the county benadryl to breathe and settle down to sleep.

And, per my question in the subject line above, I've noticed my heartrate increasing, due probably to having to breath harder, and also due to any given the difficulty in breathing (normal resting heartrate is 68-72; it hits 90-100 when I begin to walk around or walk up the stairs due to the above symptoms; then a minute or two later, it's back down to 80 or less).

I'm a 31 male, not overweight, don't smoke, and have no heart problems.

Sorry for the background info-thanks-

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