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Advair Users
Jul 10, 2005
I was diagnosed with asthma last month. Albuterol doesn't work for me so I was prescribed the Advair. I tell you this has been a life saver for me. I have been sick for almost a year and finally a diagnosis was made. I had to see a pulmolnologist to be correctly diagnosed. Both testst the allergist performed said I didn't have asthma.
What are the pro's and con's of using Advair? What side effects have you had while using it? I know it can't be good for the body but after feeling so bad for so long, I know I need it.
I would like to hear from people that have used or are using it. Does it cause weight gain?
Thanks for all that can help.
Re: Advair Users
Jul 11, 2005
My 4 year old daughter takes 250mg of Advair twice daily. It really seems to have helped her asthma. She was on 100mg for a year, but it had to be increased to 250mg. It hasn't made her gain any weight and I haven't noticed any side effects. You just have to make sure that you rinse your mouth out really well after each use. If you don't, it can cause yeast to build up in your mouth.
Good Luck!

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