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I dont know what is wrong with me. But there is something thats been bothering me for a while now. Here the past 5-6 months, ive been getting these very very bad coughing spells. I dont know if im gonna make any sense but im gonna explain it the best i can. When i get these coughing spells, they just come on out of the blue. I can be watching t.v. and just start coughing my head off. I know im not sick. Its just soo weird. Cause when i get these coughing spells, my chest starts making these very weird noises, and my chest and throat bubble, and make whistling noises. I know thats signs of an Upper Resp. Infectiong, but im telling u this isnt what it is. My chest will start to burn very very bad, and my chest feels like its tightening, and it gets a little bit hard to breathe. I have to take deep breathes to breathe, and its a bit scary sometimes. I dont know whats going on. My heart starts a racing. It hurts to cough as well. My whole upper chest area hurts. I also have a bunch of junk that comes up, kinda like flem. I know ur prolly thinking its an URI. But i know its not. This happens to me all the time. At least once a week or maybe every two weeks. When i get this coughin spell sometimes it lasts all day and sometimes for several hours. My neck and throat will start to burn and itch as well. Inside and out. I just dont know whats going on with me. Here a few months ago i found out i had something called granulom. Ive looked up info. but wasnt very successfull. I also have very very bad allergies. I wonder if this is related to one of those??? Or if its even asthma. (you know with the wheezing and hard to breathe. I just dont really know what asthma feels like or what it really is. Ive been round cigarette smoke my whole life. I heard thats what asthma is from.???? If anyone has any info. Id really appreciate it. Id like to know whats going on with my body. Its kinda freaky. Pease help, please Could i have asthma, and do people just all of a sudden get asthma???

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