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My 4 yr old daughter has asthma triggered by colds. She is on singulair, nasonex, and qvar as controller meds and we increase qvar and add albuterol when cold symptoms appear. She has had the skin testing which all came back negative for any allergies. At times she has trouble with her breathing and the albuterol helps. The majority of the time she wheezes at night, and coughs awful! THe cough is continuous. She and I do not sleep. She coughs and gaggs and complains with her stomach hurting from coughing. The drs always say that the albuterol is supposed to help with the cough but it does not, and of course, he never sees her at night when she is at her worst. The last 2 flare ups they had to give her an antbiotic, so they are thinking this may be sinus related. The dr is talking about doing sinus x-rays when she flares up again. Just curious if anyone has a situiation that is similar, or could share some advice. It is sooooooo frustrating knowing that she is coughing her self to death at night, and the drs not taking you seriously because they see her in the daytime.

Thanks :)
It's usually 3 nights in a row, that we we basicly stay up all night. She can't sleep for coughing, it's continuous.She coughs some during the day-more like you do when you have a cold. This happens every time she gets a cold. Dr gives us Oral Pred and that doesnt seem to help, although the antiobiotic does, but that takes two days to be effective, so it's hard to know if it's that that is helping. The specialist is thinking sinus infections that are causing athma flare-ups and the cough is from the sinus's.I dont know. I have been through a pediatrician that wouldnt help, and recently switched to this specialist, who at least seems to be trying to solve our problem. I just get sick to my stomach when I think she is getting a cold, because I know what is in store. I feel like I am a germ a phobic.

hrtprice- I hope your daughter gets well soon, and doesnt have to do the oral steroids.
krissy- I have no idea if it is even from her asthma. At this point, we know she doesnt have allergies, and the dr is trying to narrow it down -sinus & reflux-are what he is thinking right now.
Thank you both for your help.
thanks now I know why I'm gagging at night. I have noticed during the night trying to sleep, I wake up and start gagging and have to get up off the bed and go lay down on the couch so that I don't wake my husband up, he needs his sleep, he's gotta go to work early in the morning. This morning, I woke up at 4:00 AM gagging for a hour, so loud my husband woke up and I was in the other room. And that does sounds right, I am always waking up around 3:00 AM coughing, I get so congested then. He;s kinda worried about the cough, since he has never in his life had a gagging cough. and asked if I had lung cancer or something, so I told him, no I have done this my whole life, had a lung x-ray done a few weeks ago in the emergency room and they said my lungs were fine, but she did fail to see the asthma. and I take herbs to keep my lungs clear, so that is why the congestion didn't show up. But I didn't go into the ER for my breathing I went there cause my blood sugar level was going crazy and went up to 164 and has since stablized and back to normal.. and they said mild hypoglcemia.

Listen I think it possibly could be sinuses, but I have had asthma my whole life and I remember when I was a kid and I got colds, I would be just like your daughter. I would gag and cough all night long, I would get really ill...I remember my mom would do a few things to try to help me out, she would take the milk away from me, cause milk is very mucus forming, She would take away all mucus forming foods. she would give me juices instead, rub me down with vicks vapor rub several times during the night. she did this till I got over my cold. I hated it cause it was so strong, but it opened my breathing tubes and was greatful anyways. and she used to give me cough syrup, lots of cough syrup, rotflmao

help this help some. :)

well yea, I have had plenty of night when I can't sleep cause I'm coughing way too much. Gagging more likely.

If I get really bad, I will take something herbal to make me sleep.

you could try essential oils in difusers in her room at night, lavender, peppermint are really good essential oils to use. They will help her to breathe.

Also I recomend that you get an air purifyer if you don't have one, this will help get rid of the allergens in the air.

My mom took the milk products away during the first part of the cold and limited throught the rest. And my mom never gave me milk or something like that at you may want to limit the milk products to certain times of the day. At night, it's all going to build up. I never understood why she did all of this till I got older, but now I'm greatful for it.

My father came over and I just talked to him and asked if this gagging happened even when I was a baby, he says yes, So he said he thought this was a asthma symptom too. He said this has happened since my birth. By the way I'm 35 years old now and still alive, so my mom and dad must have done something right! :)

The cough medicine, I'm the same way, My mom used to give me some kind of medicine, I can't remember what it was, but had the name old fashioned in it I think, I will see if my dad knows what she gave me. It didn't work completly but it did help out alot. It had a very distint molasses taste to it.I will try to find out what it was and get back to you on that one.

Yea, my blood sugar went high and I was about to collaspe and drove myself to the hospital, scarey huh? I didn't know it was that high, I just knew something was wrong and I was about to collaspe. So I'm wondering what role my asthma played in that!

I will ask my dad some of the other things they did for me and get back to you :)

I do hope your little one is feeling better soon, I got a cold and spent this morning gagging. I know what she is going through, my prayers are thoughts are with her!
She always sleeps on two pillows, and when she has flareups we add another one to prop her up even more. It doesnt really help,she cant quit coughing long enough to get comfortable to try to sleep, but thanks for the suggestion.:) The weird thing is the last cold she had, we were not up all was like a normal cold, and her asthma never flared-up.(this is a first) The only things that were different was that she had gotten her flu shot 2 weeks before, she was out of school for Veterans Day, & the weekend- so I was able to limit her exposure to being outside,running around in the cold, and I worked harder at limiting her dairy. So, now I dont know what to think.
Just curious if you have pets in the house? I can't stand dogs,cats ETC.
I know there is allergy induced asthma and if you do keep pets,that might be it. I know that anytime I have a cold or flu--nights are much much worse.Also I have Multi-chemical sensitivities,and if I use any kind of cleaners at all,I choke so bad,when I go to bed. The houses in winter are so toxic b/c of everything being closed up all the time. I use 3 air cleaners in the house and that helps a lot.

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