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I cough like this every night's a gagging cough trying to catch your breathe in between the gagging. I have for sometime now it's usually the worst at night and mine last till I fall asleep. I will cough maybe for about 30 minutes then fall asleep, maybe it exausts me or something, during the day, I still cough, but not as bad, as long as I don't have anything to trigger the cough.

but why would this get worse at night then in the daytime, is this from asthma?

[QUOTE=krissy1970]but why would this get worse at night then in the daytime, is this from asthma?krissy[/QUOTE]

The body produces natural steroids that have levels that fluctuate throughout the day. These steroid's level is highest at 3 pm, and lowest at 3 am - meaning that generally for most people, asthma symptoms are least noticeable in the afternoon, and most noticeable in the very early morning.

Another reason asthma can get worse at night is acid reflux triggering the lungs.
OK, this may be a bit out there but when she says her stomach hurts what does she mean by this? Does it hurt before or after the cough. If you would not have said that she does not have allergies i would have said it was allergies but with the mention that her stomach hurts, it gets worse at night and that she is coughing i am wondering if she might not have some sort of Acid Reflux problem that gets worse when she lays down at night and causes her to cough. I used to have acid reflux (which could probably be brought on by some of the daily meds for Asthma possibly) and at night (a couple hours after I ate) the acid would start to creap up into my lungs (more so after laying down flat) and ti would trigger asthma attacks and coughing spells for me. I don't know if a child this age could have this problem but I don't see why not. Might be a route to check into other than the normal allergy routes etc. Hope your daughter feels better soon!


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