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Asthma flare up
Dec 12, 2005
Hiya everyone.

I'm having problems with my asthma which started last night. Well it got worse last night. Im currently on these medications for my asthma, Seretide, Ventolin, Singulair and beclazone.

Last night when I layed on either side in bed, I kept wheezing. Not just slight wheezing but very bad asthma attack wheezing. I couldn't speak and was gasping for breath. I had to take my ventolin 8 times before it helped with the breathing. A hour later it started again. I had this all last night and towards afternoon.

I've also noticed that sometimes I dont wheeze but instead start gasping for breath very bad and cant speak. When I usually have a asthma attack I usually begin wheezing slighty then it becomes much worse and leads to the gasping and being unable to speak. But now its skipping the wheezing (apart from last night) and going straight to the gasping. Its scary when this happens.

I cant walk up the stairs either. Well I can but when I come downstairs I star gasping and my heart beats very fast. I dont know whats going on. Im not coughing anything up but I can feel phelgm on my chest. It just wont come up.

Ive been having hot flushes too. I know when you have a attack and cant speak you should call ambulance or go hospital but I try to avoid this as much as possible. I had a blood test a few months ago and was told my oxygen levels were low but haven't had them re-tested since.

What is this? Whats going on with me? I thought it was a chest infection but it feels ...different. Its hard to explain.

Thank you.

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