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My son had what was apparently a pretty bad asthma attack this afternoon, and a milder one this evening. He was diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma when he was younger, but it was always mild - mainly just coughing. This afternoon was really scary, though, and I wonder if I should have called an ambulance.

He is thirteen and going through a major growth spurt, while trying to deal with all the changes in his body. On top of that, he has quite a temper. :eek: He got very upset this afternoon (possibly even hysterical) and started having problems breathing. He was in great distress, saying that his legs were too weak to hold him up, as he slipped down to the floor. I got him to lay down on a bed and did my best to calm him down.

Some of the symptoms I was wondering about were tingling in his face, fingers and legs, weakness in his legs, feeling as if his whole body (especially his chest) was "twitching". He finally settled down a bit, but did the symptoms did not go away for quite a while. Even then, it was hard for him to breathe, too. When he stood up, finally, he was very dizzy and said that I was "getting bigger and smaller". These effects lasted for about 30-45 minutes, even after the breathing got better. It left him pretty fatigued, too.

I called our pediatrician's office and they called in an inhaler for him, due to the previous diagnosis. He was not as bad to begin with this evening (got upset again), but the inhaler did seem to help.

I am going to take him to the doctor next week, to discuss these things. But, I was just wondering - should I have called an ambulance this afternoon? I felt like if I could just get him to settle down he would be fine, which he eventually was, but did I take too big of a chance on that? Never having gone through this before, I just didn't know how to handle it. I hope it never happens again, but I want to be prepared if it does!


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