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I asked this question probably about 6 to 8 months ago. These aeroneb gos seem to be relatively new so I wasn't able to find much feedback on it other than a review on one website with asthma information that reviewed several others too. So I decided to wait. Now months later, I still can't find any feedback about these anywhere other than that one place--not even on this or other asthma boards I can find. I did see one study that suggested it did well or better than a Pari LC plus, and Pari LC Plus is pretty good especially when used with the Pari baby mask. Does anyone here have the Aeroneb Go? What's the good, neutral, and negative points about it? I'd like it for everyday use for a toddler because it's quiet if it works as well as the compresser (supposed to) and for portability.

The replacement parts for any of these seem to be astronomical (insurance won't cover this) thus why I have put off getting one. At least this one uses regular AA batteries (though I'd try the rechargeables). I am not a big fan of those rechargeable battery packs for several reasons like the Pari Trek uses. I am also interested in the durability. If the nebulizer itself breaks, you'd practically be better off buying a whole new unit. It is not a disposable or "reusuable", but a permanent part that is designed to last the life of the product.

I'd like to know, for example, how long and how often it is used? Is it easy to clean? Has it clogged up? Anything.


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