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Recently,I went to work after being out for 4 yrs due to a reinjury to my lower back ( L5 region ).After settling with the company, I decided I wanted to go back to work,deal with the pain,and somehow resume my life.I decided to work with a company in Whiteville NC called Youngblood Temporary Services.I had worked for the company before, and had good results.They hooked me up with a company in Elizabethtown,NC called Danaher.Danaher is a rather big company with excellent people,or so I thought.To make a long story a wee bit shorter,I went to work for them 6am to 4:30 pm,4 days a week.It wasnt easy,let me tell you.I had problems sleeping after work,problems lifting objects,unbelieveable pain,etc...but here's the REAL problem.I don't know how,or why, but the severe asthma I had as a kid came back,BIG TIME.I was, at the time,putting my body through untold amounts of stress as it is,but I didn't expect asthma to be in my future.The problem began when they changed from working a normal 40 hr. work week.I was suddenly working 56 + hours a week.At first I tried Primiatene Mist,which works okay,not great,but it was better than nothing.Weeks later I found myself wheezing considerably worse.I put up with this for 7 months,all the time thinking to myself I'll just deal with it when I get hired. ( and get insurance ) My fellow co-workers understood my plight,and worried at my excessive use of my Primatene Mist ( 5-7 times a day. )I finally had a bad asthma attack to the point I was actually scared.It's been a while since that has happened.Actually I was all of sixteen.Now I'm 35.I went to my supervisor about this, to which he replied " If you can't do the job,we'll find someone else who can. " Man,that's cold,I thought.All the time I was there I had supervisor after supervisor tell me what a great job I was doing,now this ?? The asthma got worse,so I talked to the supervisor over my main boss.For months he had been saying how he would hire me,to keep on working hard,and he understood my asthma was giving me " problems ".At last I confronted him,this time,much more serious.A week ago I had to leave work because I couldn't catch my breath.He told me, " Maybe with all your physical problems we shouldn't hire you. " I held out a week later,until the lead solder from the solder machine had given me another major attack.To this I was told " Let me walk you to the door. " I have never been so insulted in all my life.Isn't this illegal ? I've been advised by a friend to sue,but I've had enough headaches as it is with my back.What should I do now ? Any advice would be appreciated.

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