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My 7 month old got RSV from daycare when he was 4.5 months old. He has been on albuterol and pulmicort since. He has been getting sick every week with something new. He is on his 4th ear infection and the pedi is thinking of sending to an ENT specialist for tubes. I noticed his disposition changed when he started pulmicort. It has gotten so that he crys all day every day or is whining- grunting... until I pick him up. The daycare is onsight at my job and they have to call me 3 or more times a day to calm him down. We do the treatments through the nebulizer. He gets the watery red swollen eyes... I read that was from the medicine getting in his eyes. His voice gets hoarse. We pulled him off the pulmicort and are down to 1 albuterol at night when it is the worst for his coughing spells and his mood and personality are a million times better but he is coughing so much and wheezing ... We can't handle him on the drugs... even the albuterol makes him so wired out and twitchy. Neither my husband nor I were sick as babies. No asthma in the family. No smoking. I am allergic to dust mites and am prone to sinus infections as an adult. We also have a chihuahua. We are ripping up the carpet and putting in hardwoods to decrease allergens in our home. I need advice on what to do about the side effects. His pedi and we don't agree on treatment because he thinks the side effects are better than him having an asthma attack. We agree but he is out of sorts, wired, moody, crying, needy and nothing makes him happy on the drugs. HELP!!

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