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Hello, I am a fellow asthmatic :) I myself had attacks on the airplane, ususallly from b.o. My attacks are coughing fits not wheezing. But the chest pain and soreness ususally lasts up to 3 days or more. Any more then that I go into the doctor. My doctor also gave me a persricption for the oral steriod step pack and told me to take it when i would need a breething treatment, but am unable to get there. It works for me, ( I only take one) and it clears up the pain.

Yeah, The advair would have worked in a few minutes, if i have an attack around the time im supposed to take it i take it too.

You can go to and look up the side effects of arbuterol. I often get headaches after attackes and feel faint after the arbuterol. I was explained that the headaches were the lack of oxygen while I was having my attack, and the faintness was the arbuterol steriod working.

The flight attendent should have moved you immediately if you saw this as a possible problem. In fact if you gave them time, and you told them this would be aproblem you should have been moved before you taxied for take off. Breething isn't something that is taken lightly up in the air. ( I have family that works for Southwest) I would have gone to the doctor when i got back so you would have documentation for the attack. Yeah, definately write them a letter with as much of the specifics as you can, and emphasise the symptoms you had and how long it took to react.

Hope you are feeling better!

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