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I had a bad attack Friday night (two days ago) on an airplane.

Okay... here's me venting... Just as we were about to take off, two off-duty flight attendants sat down in seats near me. One had on really strong perfume, which triggered an attack. I asked her if she could switch spots with her friend (and sit on the other side of the aisle), but she refused, instead suggesting that I move (me, the paying customer...). So she went off and found the flight attendant, but she said that we were about to take off so nothing could be done until after take-off. So I had to sit there two feet from this lady who had marinated in perfume for 30 minutes while we taxied and took off. I took 3 hits on my albuterol, and took my advair (not that it's supposed to help an acute attack, but it was evening, so I was going to take it anyway at some point, and I figured I might as well take it then in case it helped a little). Now, I hardly ever have attacks, and I never take more than one hit of the albuterol, so this totally messed me up. I was shaking really bad and my head was spinning. Finally, the flight attendant comes around and starts chatting with the off-duty ladies. I finally interrupted and brought attention to the fact that I couldn't breathe because of the lady's perfume. So the flight attendant found another seat for me. In an exit row. Where the seats don't recline. Did I mention that this was a 4 hour red-eye flight, where I was counting on getting some nice sleep? Fat chance. I could hardly stand up between the asthma and the albuterol, but I managed to get up to the new seat two rows up and the asthma attack went away eventually. Needless to say, I'm writing a strongly-worded letter to the airline.

Okay, so back to the question.... Had a bad asthma attack two days ago, lasted about 30 minutes, induced by perfume. I pretty much slept all day the next day. I'm still really tight and coughing a bit. It's been a really long time since I've had a bad attack like this, and I'm wondering how long it's supposed to take before I'm back to normal? Or should I be back to normal already? How long should I wait before I see the doctor if I don't get better? I don't even have a real doctor right now, just the ones at student health.

Also, does anybody know if albuterol can induce migraines?
I forgot to say, about the recovery time, I know it's over when I hack up a lot of mucous. I think that means my airways have finally relaxed and stopped making any extra mucous. Usually that's a good sign for me- unless I KEEP coughing up mucous- which means infection- bad sign. It can take a few hours, few days or a few weeks for that to happen. Usually for me a few hours. Hope that helps =)

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