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My 7 year old sons history briefly:

1998 very irritable baby 6-8 weeks early; decadron at birth; born
cyanotic; 5 minutes to get him breathing at birth
-umbilical hernia surgery
-severe silent acid reflux - medicated(prepulsid and zantac)
-2 ear infections; blocked tear duct

1999 - croup
-rsv and pneumonia (hospital)
-ear infections (3)
-pink eye
-tubes put in ears

2000 - strep throat
-asthma diagnosed
-ear infections (3x)

2001 - infected gland on face
-ear tubes out
- on and off on asthma meds

2002 -ear infections (3x)

2003 - sinusitis
-croup (admitted to hospital this time) 4 adrenaline masks
- croup 2 more times

2004 - croup (5x)

2005 - croup(2x)
-whooping cough
-strep throat

2006 - croup - hospital - took 3 adrenaline masks, dexamethasone and prednisone to get him so his neck muscles were not tugging as much

Last week he was admitted to hospital for severe croup and has been on pulmicort and salbutamol 3 times a day ever since and still has a bad cough. How long should I wait until I see a doctor? Is it to soon to assume cough should be at least under control? I had a doctor listen to him the day before yesterday and said he had good airflow, but everytime he has had pneumonia they could not hear it with stethascope and needed an x-ray. Doctor also looked at him and said he looks energetic. Well, he is hyper anyway and doesn't look sick until it is almost too late. Anyway, what is a reasonable amount of time to give medication to stop cough, he is coughing every minute or so kind of that forced cough sound, dry mostly.

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