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Sometimes i feel out of breath when talking. right now, i feel like i cant catch my breath, not that tightness in chest kind of thing, just feel like i cant breath. At night it gets kinda worse. I was diagnosed with asthma, or at least treated for it 2 years ago. But now im having all kinds of symptoms. I get this wierd pressure in my upper chest area after sitting for a while and then getting up, i also get that wierd pressure when bending down, noticed it after having a catch with my friend. If i do an activity for a while ill start wheezing and feel my chest is kinda tight. But i've also been expierencing a wierd feeling when i breath in. Happens when i least expect it to happen, its like an empty feeling that lasts for half a second, while im breathing in. I got those heartbeat skip things and sometimes they would force me to breathe. And at night i feel like my heart is pounding, only at night, and at rest and i just dont feel like its pumping right. I dont feel those thuds, just some clickish kinda sound. Anybody feel these symptoms, and now what they have? I was rushed to the er thinking something was wrong but now i think there really is, totally different symptoms.
I posted this in the asthma category because i dont like being told its all in my head.
-Felt dizzy everyday only in school
-Got a pain when breathing in only a couple times
-Sometimes in morning got blood mixed with mucus, sometimes green
-Sometimes felt knees kinda weak
-felt legs cramping up sometimes, got alittle better
-shortness of breathe
-Sometimes get chest pain
-Head also gives of wierd pains that i cant describe, mostly in front right over eye
-Heart dosent feel right if i put my hand to my chest
-Random occurences that i feel like im going to pass out for 2 seconds
-Feel this wierd chest pressure in upper chest and lower neck area when getting up from sitting and bending over to pick up something, only lasts about 6 seconds
-Alot of sneezing recently from my allergies
-Out of breath when talking, sometimes
-Feel heart beating in neck and head when playing
I had/have weird symptoms also that [B]I felt [/B] were not totally related to my asthma
based on my education of asthma.

Not to scare you.
But in my case, being that I was aware that some heart conditions
can mimic asthma like symptoms.
I sought out a Cardiologist to check out my heart to ease my mind &
because I was not very educated on what could be causing
these other symptoms.

My Cardiologist gave me tests (Myocardial Nuclear Perfusion Scan, Halter Monitor Test, EKG, Stress Test)
Test showed skipped heartbeats, & some other irregular heartbeat issues.
Told it was very common, nothing to worry about, and to avoid caffeine.

My other symptoms were:
1. [B][U]Occasional 2 second shooting pains[/U][/B] (left/right side chest) – Treated successfully w/Naprosen (Ant inflamatory)
Apparently that was a muscular/skeletal issue

2. [B][U]Chest Pressure/Tightness[/U][/B] (Pronounced when lying down) – Still have (Believe it’s from asthma)

3. [B][U]Dizzy [/U] [/B] – At times (Believe it’s from asthma/not getting enough oxygen)

4. [B][U]Clickish Sensation & Sound [/U] [/B] – I have felt perhaps 3 to 4 times over the year.
Kind of feels like a popping of the muscle around the heart chest area.
Last for a few seconds I believe.

5. [B][U]Heart Pounding & Jittery Feeling [/U] [/B] – Still get
(Could be asthma/other medication, caffeine, irregular heart beat, etc)
I take occasional Hawthorn (liquid cap supposeably good for irregular heart beats)
& take Valerian, Hops, Skullcap combo to help combat the jitteriness, & helps to promote a good night sleep.
I don’t overdo the Valerian though.
Because if overdone I read it can cause the opposite effect

Also, I noticed some people describe a pressure in the chest
& some people describe a tightness in the chest
both descriptions could be asthma.
But I also read that heart conditions can mimic this symptom as well.

Because of this and the shooting chest pains
I went to see a cardiologist to ease my mind.

Perhaps you should pay a visit to your doctor.
Your symptoms are so diverse
That whole thing you said about (““getting in the morning blood mixed with mucus, sometimes green””) sounds very abnormal.
Couldn’t possible know what would cause that?
I have done research on the blood mixed with mucus, and i see that it could be my allergies, sinus, or just the air texture. Im not too worried about that because it onlys happens if the night before ive been sneezing alot. But thanks alot for all those things you said. I definately am calmer right now. I still will go to see a doctor. Thanks :)
Oh and also, the chest pressure im talking about isnt related with breathing, like feeling i cant catch my breath, Its really some kind of pressure, that only happens when I stand up from sitting for a while. Its hard to explain and iwant to know what causes this and whats happening when i feel that.

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