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I got a sinus infection that aggrevated the asthma last year and I ended up with a chronic cough---you know, the kind that hurts your chest and pulls muscles in your ribs and stomach. It took me FOUR months & 8 doctors visits to get it under control. (This was tough--aside from the allergy/ sinus problems I never get sick.) Throughout the course of treatments I found the cough suppressents/ codine didn't help. Prednisone helped some, but not much. Mucinex helped some when the phlem was present. I was on the tessalon perle and it helped some, but not a lot. I also tried several rounds of antibiotics in case the sinus infection was still there. I ended up increasing my Advair from 100/50 to 250/50 and finally 500/50. After it was under control for a couple months, I was reduced back to 250/50 but the cough came back this year and I am now on the 500/50 as a maintainence dosage. I was also using the Albuterol 4-5 times a day during that time. My allergy medications were increased to a maintainence dosage of Allegra-D, Singulair (for the asthma and allergies), Flonase and Astelin --all of which I am still taking. I was also put on new acid reflux medication because a cough can be a primary symptom of the acid. I had testing that confirmed it this year. I am praying that with all this I can avoid another sinus infection that sets off the cough again. Next time it starts I will see the Pulminologist.

As far as the exercise goes, I don't exercise when it is bad. When it is OK, I use the Albuterol ahead of time.

I hope you can get your cough under control much more quickly. It sounds like you are on top of monitoring your progress.

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